The Astronomical Cost of College

Brennan McGrevy, Staff Reporter

The cost of college is astronomical nowadays in 2022 causing many students to take on absurd debt. According to US News the average cost of state colleges is $28,238 per year as of the 2021-2022 school year. This makes the cost of college after just four years for a bachelor’s degree cost $112,952. Most students don’t have $112,952 to spend on college so they have to rely on student loans. The loans that students take out gain interest over time causing the debt to take even longer to pay off than it should. If the cost of college was more affordable for students then more students would be able to graduate college and not have to worry about their financial situation while in school. I hate the fact most students have to go into debt just to get a degree to get a job that can help them be financially stable.

The lower economic class in America shouldn’t have to worry about paying for college if they’re having a hard time paying for other things like a home, food, and child care needs. No individual should profit off of Americans wanting a good education. It angers me that American citizens have to worry about affording college when there’s bigger issues we should be worrying about contributing to like how to help stop global warming and how to help fight for equality in basic human rights.

  A solution to helping decrease the cost of college tuition is to make state funding for colleges more of a priority like it was back in the 1990’s. In the 1990’s state college’s were more affordable for the average American to attend and to allow them to not be in debt for as long as nowadays. Higher taxes for the upper class would also allow for more state funding in colleges to allow everyone the opportunity to receive a higher education degree like you deserve. I hope to see change in the cost of college so that way it is more affordable for everyone and accessible to everyone. We need to be the change we want to see in American society and need to hold the colleges accountable for the absurd costs of college.