It’s Time to Fix the Phone Rules!



SHHS Student, Molly Brown going on her phone

Lately, there has been an uptick in students getting their phones taken away in the hallways. As students we feel like this is totally and absolutely unfair to take personal properties especially when it isn’t being used as a distraction in class, or in other areas in the school. When asked about the new sternness, Assistant Principal, Mr. Lemieux replied, “I don’t make the rules, I only enforce them.” 


While reading over the student handbook for SHHS, it states that “Students are allowed to use electronic devices during passing time, break, before and after school, and in the cafeteria during lunch blocks.” 


But are not allowed to use phones when…

  • On a pass out of the class
  • Communicating with students who are in class 
  • In class (depending on the teacher)


The rules should not be the case at this point with such an uproar in the helpfulness that a cell phone can give with such a variety of useful tools for students.


Students need to be able to have access to their phones and should at least be able to use them in the hallways. If there was a problem with someone’s parents, their parents wouldn’t try to call the school to get in touch with their kids, they text or call them on the phones that they bought for their kids for this exact reason.


 We understand that they are the rules and they’re only enforced but the rules are outdated and need to be changed. It doesn’t make sense at this point to try to take every student’s phone away that uses it when it is such a useful tool not only for education purposes but for the social emotional aspect too being able to have healthy communication with friends. 


Phones no doubt can be a distraction. And there should be certain rules for certain students with a history of students inappropriately using their phones, but taking phones just for being out in the hallway is absurd. 


When students get their phones taken, they are not allowed to get it back until after the bell for the end of the day rings, but there are plenty of kids that are going to their bus that leaves usually 2 minutes after everyone gets out leaving students to race to the busses after finally being able to grab their phones back. Or depending on the offense, their phone gets taken until their parents come and get it. 


Taking private property of students should only be acceptable if there is a serious possibility of harm to others in the school., not someone texting their friend on the way to the bathroom.