Is November Too Early To Think About Christmas?

Grace Ryan, Staff Reporter

There has been a major controversy in our society about the thought of the Christmas season coming earlier this year. Christmas traditions kicked off early this year with holiday commercials beginning in early November. By mid November, the radio stations suddenly switched over to holiday music. The sounds on the radio also broadcasted Santa’s voice to excite the children, who tuned in. Many families thought that November was the perfect time to start the Christmas celebration, since 2020 hasn’t brought much happiness. However, other families thought the opposite and wanted to wait till December to bring out the holiday cheer. This disagreement has brought upon controversy through the South Hadley society.

Families are getting very excited about the holiday season that is coming up and are in hope of closing the year in a peaceful manner. This year has brought on many fatalities, as well as a virus that has changed the lifestyle of everyone around us. Thoughts of Christmas this year have been very exciting and have sparked many gift ideas. The commercials kicked off in early November, which made people begin their Christmas shopping. Soon after that, many sales started, which made people go out and buy even more things. But is early November too early?

In the beginning of December, I posted a quick survey question on my Instagram account, asking if my followers thought November was too early to start thinking about Christmas. I left the question on my Instagram for 24 hours and the results happened to be just what I thought. 81% of my followers agreed it was never too early to start thinking about the holiday season and the other 19% said it was way too early. The majority of followers thought that Christmas had to come as early as possible this year because 2020 has been such a mess. But what do you think? Is it ever too early to start preparing for the Christmas season?