The Ups and Downs of Online Learning

Online School; Good or Bad?


Edward Wykowski and Nick Woloszyn

The school year for most schools has changed drastically from being in person to online, but is it for the better or worse? Remote learning has become part of everyday life for many students and school staff. The online switch has been a lot to adjust to in only a short period of time and many schools are experiencing the issues, as well as the benefits that come along with it. Majority of  schools have been switching to remote learning; however, other schools are using a hybrid schedule which in turn has increased Coronavirus cases at schools. Although many students do not enjoy remote learning, there are many benefits as well as setbacks to the remote learning system.

Even though the online school system is a lot different than normal school, it doesn’t mean it’s the worst thing in the world. A lot of people, including myself, like the learning environment of your house. You are able to get comfy, and all around a lot more freedom contrast to normal school where you have to ask to go to the bathroom, etc. Also students and teachers are able to enjoy the privacy of their house rather than being in school. They are able to get things to eat when they please, go to the bathroom, lay down, and go outside for a break. The online school environment gives plenty of freedoms making learning more enjoyable.

Although there are many benefits to online learning, there are also an abundance of setbacks. Some setbacks include teachers not being able to enforce any cheating guidelines or being able to control whether students complete their work or not. Another setback would be that many students get headaches and it is difficult for them as well as staff to stare at a screen for at least 7 hours a day. A final setback would be that students can’t fully understand what the teacher is teaching because many students are ignored by the teacher or are too shy to interrupt them.

Online school has been a roller coaster for both us and many other students. Although it is a different environment for most of us, there are both positive and negative aspects towards the online system. Many people prefer this system and actually enjoy it, while others hate it and wish they could be back in school. It is all personal preference but everybody needs to make it work for a good learning environment.