Need a Break?

Karlee Zuhusky, Staff Reporter

In my opinion, I feel that students should be able to have a longer break. Currently at South Hadley High school, Break starts at 9:25 and ends at 9:35.  Giving students only 10 minutes to leave their second period class, get a snack, go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. Which 10 minutes definitely seems like enough time to do those things, however, when you have 500 students trying to do that in 10 minutes it becomes a much shorter amount of time. When you have 500 students scrambling around the hallways of South Hadley high school, the chances of injury start to increase. For example, two students could collide with each other resulting in what could be a life threatening concussion. Also, the amount of tardiness among students and their third period class start to increase. If break was 20 minutes long as opposed to 10 I believe that not only would students be happier, they would have more time to do things and wouldn’t have to worry or stress about being tardy or getting concussed in the hallway.