Music provides healing and escape


Some may not realize it, but music is a significant attribute to our daily life. Whether in your headphones, at an event, or on your computer screen, music is something that can be incorporated into any possible situation. Music is such a large part of our world and its importance is often overlooked.

Music can allow the brain to do many things. Listening to certain songs or lyrics can bring out various emotional responses. The emotional reaction from music could be resulted from  a past memory that is suddenly brought up back into your mind. As New York Times puts it, “Melody and rhythm can trigger feelings from sadness to serenity to joy to awe; they can bring memories from childhood vividly back to life.” Music is important in an emotional aspect because allows you to express emotion in a healthy and healing way.

Music is often known to relieve stress and act as a form of therapy to people. Lyrics or instruments can represent a person’s inner feelings without having to speak. Some intense or calming music can lead to slight mind alteration that leaves you with an  “out if world feeling.” New York Times provided facts about the science in music by stating, “ Music triggers activity in the nucleus accumbens, the same brain structure that releases the “pleasure chemical” dopamine during sex and eating.”This could act as an escape from reality, which could help many people dealing with hardships.

Music is very important and respected in society. Many Job opportunities involving music can create livelihood. Singing, dancing, producing, or being a DJ can make you a lot of money if you have a passion for it. Just think, every music shop or industry would go out of business without music. Every artist or famous musician you admire would not exist. They would only have 300 followers on instagram instead of 300 million. Without music, Clubs would be closed, bars would be awkward, proms, weddings, and  birthdays would all be plain. Funerals would be even more depressing,. Itunes wouldn’t be here, many apps wouldn’t be made, and no historical musical figures would be known. Woodstock wouldn’t have happened, we wouldn’t care if Paul is dead or not, and who is Johnny Cash?

Music is one of life’s precious gifts. Without it, life would be miserable and boring.

Music is extremely important in our world, and allows us to be creative and enjoy the life we live. Music heals.