Benefits of being Open Minded

Eddi van W. on flickr    

 The benefits of being open minded


Humans are naturally prone to having personal perspectives on everything and anything in the world. Each of us have our own unique and individual personality that connects with different interests, hobbies, and opinions. Obviously, not everyone is going to have the same opinion considering there are billions of human beings in the world.

There are many types of people in the world, which include those who are close minded. Best defined on google, close minded is described as “having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook.” These people are typically not understanding of foreign opinions of their own. When close minded individuals hear or read opinions of others they disagree with, some may get angry, offended, or argumental. Their immediate relation is to insult them or make them feel wrong for the way that they think. They do not take the time to listen and understand where the other person is coming from. They tend to stick to their beliefs and become, most often, pessimistic about the situation.

This is America, and freedom is the ideal goal here, so people have right to be this way. However, there are many benefits of being open minded. In my opinion, people that are close minded and unaccepting of new ideas, beliefs, or opinions are missing out.

Being open minded and understanding can potentially change your life. This is an extreme statement, but hear me out. Being open minded can lead to human growth. You can be introduced to something you never knew about before, and that “thing” or “idea” could become a big part of your life. For instance, you may know a “rebellious kid” and they hate everything about school. They refuse to put in any effort because they simply do not care. However, in their free time they pick up a pencil and lined paper. They find that writing comes easy to them, and they enjoy creating stories. This rebellious student is a future author in the making. This is an example of open mindedness.

  Being open minded can help improve yourself as a person in many areas. It helps people let go of control. Not everything in life is permanent or straight by the books. Going with the flow of things, instead of having things always go your way, can reduce stress and help you adapt easier to your surroundings. Open mindedness can help a person gain confidence by allowing them to be comfortable with trying something new. You can learn more about yourself and the things that you enjoy and the things you cannot grasp. Open mindedness allows humans to make mistakes and learn. People can learn to experience change and learn to handle whatever life throws their way.

Some of this information may be obvious, yes. However, the point I am trying to make, is that being open minded and understanding will benefit yourself as a person, and improve your inner soul.