Cheerleading is a sport


Basketball is a sport. Football is a sport. Lacrosse is a sport. Soccer is a sport. Baseball is a sport. Softball is a sport. Track is a sport. But there has always been a question on whether cheerleading is a sport.
Many people believe that cheerleading is just standing in a line chanting and cheering for the team. In some cases that is true. Cheerleaders do stand on the sidelines of games cheering for the team that is playing, but they also do competitions. Flyers are thrown into the air and bases are their floor. Cheerleaders tumble and jump and do all types of stunts.
At this moment, people are trying to get cheerleading to become an Olympic sport. Now that cheerleaders incorporate gymnast’s moves, others are starting to consider cheerleading a sport. Former Cheerleader Lexi Bogalhas said “Cheerleading is 110% a sport. You are thrown into the air and do tucks and handsprings and have to land without killing yourself. Just watch a competition video and try to replicate that”.
For competitions, cheerleaders are put into stunts, pushed to their limits in tumbling, jumping as high in the air as possible to preform jumps and tucks, as well as lifting other girls in the air holding them there while still cheering loudly for all to hear, and then tossing them high to do a twist, then catching them before they hit the ground.
I can only imagine trying to be a cheerleader, and the amount of effort it must take. I dance which is only half of what the cheerleaders do. Throwing my body in the air and wishing that I don’t fall and break my neck is terrifying. Congrats to those who cheerlead, because you do things others only wish they could do.