Keeping Up with the Snow & Makeup Days


Alison Montemagni, Staff Reporter

How long can we go into summer? Will it affect our learning? What happens when the temperatures start to rise again? Does that mean more mold? These are all important questions we are asking ourselves. 

In the beginning of the school year, when schools around us and our other schools in the system started returning, we were put on hold when reports of mold were being made. During the time of discovery and cleaning, the high school missed a total of ten days. These days are crucial for each high school student who needs a certain amount of hours to graduate. Because of this, the state is making us makeup those dates, with people trying to fit days on Saturdays, and days we would usually get off – such as Good Friday – and an extra day into summer. 

As well as all these makeup days, we´ve had two snow days, plus another snow day on a Saturday that was supposed to be a makeup date. By the end of May, we would have made up nine out of ten of our makeup days. The last makeup day will go one extra day after the rest of the school district gets out. Students find the Saturday makeup days useless because not many people show up, and teachers usually don’t teach any new material. Most students don’t bother even going because either they have previously made plans, or they would spend the whole day sitting around. This is causing many absences which is frustrating to students because it’s a lose-lose situation. You would either get absences or you would sit around school on a day which is usually meant for a break. A female sophomore said she feels stressed with the amount of days she has missed. She has not made it to any Saturdays due to premade plans, which is leaving her attendance on the rocks. As of right now, school gets out on June 22nd.