After 22 Years, the GOAT Calls it a Career


After 22 years in the NFL, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has announced his retirement. Teachers and students at the high school had a variety of opinions on the news.

“Finally, after 22 great NFL seasons, the best quarterback ever retires,” said Coach Eric Castonguay. “He had the drive of an elite athlete and took care of his body. He is the Michael Jordan of football.” 


Coach Matt Benoit agreed with Castonguay’s assessment. “[Brady] conducts himself in a good manner and causes no drama. It’s sad he’s retiring but he deserves to enjoy the next stage of his life.”

Math teacher Scott Dion said he wasn’t surprised when Brady left New England for warmer weather.

“Brady had an epic career, and I understand the move to Tampa Bay,” Dion said. “I’ve been a fan of his for a long time now.”

Sophomore Griffin Blackburn noted Brady’s special role in creating the Patriot’s Dynasty.


“He set it up. They thought Drew Bledsoe was their guy at quarterback, but Brady came in when Bledsoe got hurt and the rest is history,” Blackburn said. “He has won in a lot of situations where he needed to be clutch and got the job done.”

It’s going to be strange no longer hearing Brady’s name during football games, said sophomore Mikey Cebula, who plays fullback for the high school’s football team. “It’s surprising he retired after being in the NFL for so long,” Cebula said.

Senior Danny Smith said Brady has earned the right to retire and go out on his own terms.

“He’s well deserving of retirement,” Smith said. “He’s easily the best quarterback of all time – championships, accolades, and skills. He created the greatest NFL dynasty of all time and will forever be remembered as the GOAT.”