Rare “Christmas Star”

Jessica Saravia and Grace Ryan

On December 21st, 2020, a rare astronomical activity was set to happen. The astronomical activity that took place was what many referred to as the “Christmas Star.” What had occurred during this rare occurrence was the alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, in which they were going to be close together to appear as one bright shining star. The last time this rare activity had occurred was 800 years ago. As insane as it sounds many believe that this star has some connection to the birth of Jesus Christ. Scientists believe that this star won’t appear again till the year 2080. However, astronomers are still confused if the star will look the same in about 60 years.

The star appeared last month, due to Jupitar and Saturn aligning in the dark sky. Astronomers have studied and looked at these two planets for many years and even predicted when these planets will align, possibly every 60-70 years. The planets wandering in different locations of the sky have made astronomers struggle to keep track of them and make these predictions. Ancient astronomers have struggled in the past, due to this problem and they recently resolved it during the time of the Scientific Resolution. The Christmas Star has always been on the minds of astronomers over the years. They have studied it to their best abilities to learn everything about it. 

On December 21st of last year, Jupiter and Saturn aligned only one-tenth of a degree apart. The only way people could see the star was through a telescope because it’s so naked to the human eye. The Christmas Star has shown great significance to many Christains around the world. Many people are lucky enough to see it once in their lifetime and once they do, they will engage themselves and learn about how it came to be. This star will always be significant to many astronomers around the world and all the Christains, who believe this was a sign of Jesus’s arrival on earth.