Peace Pole Resurfaces


Staff photo by Andrei Danilchenko

After two years of residing in the classroom of Heather Ellis, the Peace Pole has finally found a permanent residence in the clearing next to the main office. Junior Joe Goncalves, who was one of the students that assisted with planting the Peace Pole said, “The Peace Pole is something that everybody can enjoy. Our end goal is to put out benches and make it a nice place for a study. We want it to be an area of tranquility and peace”. In the past however, the Peace Pole has been stolen and disrespected by the student body. Pranks on the Peace Pole continued until the school board decided to give the Peace Pole a new residence inside Heather Ellis’ classroom.  Junior Cody Laughlin, who was another student working on the Peace Pole, said, “We put the Peace Pole up again. Don’t steal it.” The replacing of the Peace Pole is a symbol for the students of the high school, as well as for any who visit the school, standing as a beacon for peace and unification among people.