Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework?

Alison Montemagni, Staff Reporter

There’s no doubt that homework can lead to a number of different stresses. Students all over the globe spend hours on homework, which can cause lack of sleep along with the daily stress. Students only have a number of hours in a day to complete school, jobs, extracurricular activities, homework, relaxation, and most importantly sleep. With all the factors, how much is the homework level stressing out students from our school?

Speaking to a sophomore in our school, they said they feel extremely stressed when teachers give homework and they have extracurricular activities. During the spring, when this student plays spring sports that take up a lot of their time, they feel even more stressed. They find it as if there isn’t enough time in their day. They have school, sports, a job, as well as other obligations such as family and friends. 

Over the country students have an average of 3 hours of homework per night. A study in 2013 by Stanford University found high school students who spend too much time on homework experience not only more stress, but physical health issues, distance from society, and lack of balance in their life. Over 70% of students are stressed about homework/school, and 56% of students saying that homework is their main source of stress. 80% of students find they have had at least one stress related symptom and 44% have had three or more symptoms. Out of all four grades in high school, on average 11th grade has the most amount of homework. Research has often shown that students who spend too much time on homework are not meeting their development needs or critical life skills. All of these factors of too much stress from homework has to mean that homework isn’t worth it. Right?
Most students believe that it’s annoying how they spend 7 hours in school, and still have an additional amount of homework during their down time – if they have any. Students believe that homework should not be a thing, and that teachers should not assign additional work. There might be a few exceptions such as if you miss school, or don’t finish classwork during that class block. 

Overall, I think that all these problems with stress relating to homework, is not worth it. Not only is it affecting students’ social life, mental health, but also physical health.