New Inspiring Student Art Teachers


Taylor Cohen on left and Whitney Stevenson on right

The South Hadley High School has welcomed 2 new student art teachers this year. Their names are Taylor Cohen, and Whitney Stevenson. Both are attending Western Mass colleges and filled with excitement for the opportunity to teach in a hands-on environment. While they’re both from completely different places and schools, they share one thing, the passion to teach art.

Interviewing Taylor Cohen has revealed much more information about her than what meets the eye. She is currently enrolled in UMass Amherst fine art classes with a major of elementary and secondary education. Her main goal is to be that teacher that makes students feel comfortable and excited to try out art, and be that one teacher kids go to and open up to. As a student, she had that one teacher, who believed in her and gave her the confidence to experiment and have fun with art. Ms. Cohen grew up in Long Island, NY, often going to her grandma’s house as a kid, constantly doing arts and crafts. Every time she would go over to her grandma’s house there would be a new fun thing to do, which gave her a deep love for art. Ms. Cohen is such a bubbly and kind person. We are very glad to be able to welcome her during the time spent at SHHS!

A young woman from Jamaica, Whitney Stevenson , moved to the Bronx, New York at just 4 years old, then later coming to a small town in Massachusetts called South Hadley. This is where she started her last years of education. As of now she’s attending an all women’s school, Mount Holyoke College studying psychology. Struggling to adjust to the demographic differences between South Hadley and the Bronx had made her love for art grow even more. Her inspiration came from her preschool teacher, her teacher made her the woman she is today. Her main goal is to have her students open up and completely explore the world around them just like her preschool teacher had done for her. One of the most important things she wants is her students to be able to see themselves in her. Ms. Stevenson is such a welcoming, kind, and heartwarming student teacher to have. Along with Ms. Cohen, we are very glad to be able to welcome her during her time spent at our school!