The Effect of Covid-19 on the NBA

How Will the NBA be Different from Every Other Season Before it?

The Effect of Covid-19 on the NBA

Nick Woloszyn and Edward Wykowski

         The NBA is looking different this year than any other year before. The league has implemented new changes to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the NBA. The season has been shortened, games must be played without fans, and only players and staff are allowed in the stadiums. This year is even different from last year’s season when the NBA Bubble was introduced. The bubble was extremely successful and it ended with zero positive cases of Covid-19. But as of the start of the season however, 54 players from around the league have tested positive or have symptoms of Covid-19.

Even though the NBA has made protocols to help stop the spread of Covid-19, it doesn’t seem to be helping. All around the league numerous teams are having to have their games postponed due to outbreaks of the disease amongst players and coaches. Teams are only having around five to six players available per game at most and its affecting schedules for other teams also. No fans, shortened season, and many other protocols are making this NBA season unlike any other; however, the outbreaks amongst teams are worrying for the NBA. Rescheduling, quarantining, and much more are necessary which are screwing up the season for some teams.

The NBA season however is still in full stride and teams are playing. Rescheduling games and the team outbreaks don’t seem to be stopping the NBA game times of other teams. However long this may last nobody knows but other then a few teams outbreaks the spread of the virus has been limited. The limited fans with covid protocols do seem to be working and along with the shortened season the NBA season should be able to finish whether it’s on schedule or not.