Mercedes Lingle
As a student at South Hadley High, Mercedes believes that it is vital for the students of the high school to be aware of current events taking place both in the world and within our own school. She would love to write personal stories featuring many different students and their unique experiences. As an actress and proud member of both SH*Improv and Harlequins, Mercedes has always loved the art of storytelling through language and diction. She is also a part of the Tiger Pride Marching Band, concert choir, concert band, and most every other musical group under the South-Hadley-High sun. She also enjoys spending her time teaching and caring for young children and participating in community service. She loves lilies of the valley and blue-birds, but hates slushy March weather. Overall, she hopes to learn something new about South Hadley High and the people within it with every article she writes.    

Mercedes Lingle, Staff Reporter

Jun 04, 2019
Environmental Club Takes Charge (Story)
Apr 05, 2019
Parents and schools must provide more accurate sexual education in South Hadley (Story)
Mercedes Lingle