The Monstrous-Deadly Wildfires in California


Jessica Saravia and Grace Ryan

Over the past couple months, California has suffered through many tragedies that have spiked due to wildfires, with a tremendous amount of smoke traveling all the way through the states and into Europe. Additionally, more than 4 million acres have been destroyed from the fires.They began on August 18 and are still going on to this day. Over 12,000 first responders have been called to attend to these blazes and keep everyone as safe as possible. Many residents in the California region have been worried about the fires and are getting prepared for the possibility of the fires increasing and destroying their homes and loved ones around them. 

Just this year alone, California has battled more than 8,200 wildfires, which have featured the destruction of 9,000 structures as of October 9th. Approximately 31 people lost their lives and thousands lost their homes. A decent amount of the population in California and Washington experienced a danger in stepping out of their houses due to the smoke. The wildfire smoke is currently a hazardous danger, with the comparison of smoking 12 cigarettes a day if the air is taken in.

To add on to all the destruction and chaos that had taken over California, there was a pretty interesting cherry to top it all off. An extremely rare firenado spawned near the city of Reno. “This is probably the most widespread and violent summer thunderstorm event in memory for the Bay Area, & it’s also one of the hottest nights in years,” tweeted Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, early Sunday. Through the many tragedies that California has suffered due to these fires many surrounding areas including the country have helped the state and those in need. The fires are still going on through this day but cold gusts of winds and great amounts of water as winter approaches could limit and potentially stop the fires.