Abby Authier
Sophomore, Abby Authier, has just joined the Spotlight team. What really drives her to be a journalist is the passion everyone in her class gives off. She enjoys writing and talking to/about many different people, places and things. Abby likes writing about all the juicy secrets lurking around the halls of South Hadley High. She has interests in photography and social media.Abby plays Volleyball, Dare-ball and enjoys managing the softball team, with all of her friends. Her hobbies are hanging out with her friends and shopping. Abby is also involved in the Leos club, through the school. She works at a little bakery/creamery in the town over. Abby likes watching the Red Sox’s, and spending time with her dogs. Abby spends most of her time with her friends. Abby’s favorite movie is “Revenge of the Bridesmaids”. Her favorite food is Mac & Cheese.

Abby Authier, Staff Reporter

Apr 03, 2019
Photography Queen (Story)