Brouillette Library fill-in

As most students know, our school library has had a change. Due to a trip to Pakistan,  Ms. Brouillette has taken over the library for the rest of the year for Ms. Mazur. So far, Ms.Brouillette loves working the library. She has developed a strong connection with the staff and students. It is so much fun to her and the library is such a friendly and respectful environment.

Ms. B taught history at our school in the past so she has known Ms. Mazur for a while. Ms. Mazur asked her to take the job as our school’s “library babysitter.” When asking what made her want to take over for the rest of this year, she responded with “Making people read, is the first step in taking over the world. Reading controls people’s thoughts and leads to world domination.”

Ms. Brouillette tries to be as helpful as she can because it is important to her.

Although there are many good things about this job, Ms. B has faced some challenges. Struggles include waking up early. She feels like it is still night time when she comes to school. It is too early for her to function and interact with people at times.

Outside of school, Ms. Brouillette manages an 100 square ft garden in South Hadley. This garden creates produce that eventually goes to a food pantry. The garden produced a ton of fresh vegetables last year so that people at the food pantry could eat something healthy. High Schooler’s volunteer to help at the garden, which is considered an internship. Ms. B claims in an interview that, “This garden is my church.” It is peaceful and beautiful and It is her place to escape. Ms. B enjoys herself here at South Hadley High School and is glad that she is back. The school is appreciative of everything she is doing and she welcomes everyone to come in and  enjoy the library.